Visual Art

Visual Art

At Burrendah Primary School we have a specialist Visual Art teacher for Year 1-2 and from Year 4-6. The classroom teachers in Year 3 provide art as part of their classroom teaching and learning program.

The Visual Arts program provides an exciting and positive learning environment for budding artists to develop their confidence, curiosity, imagination and artistic abilities.  In Visual arts students make and respond to artworks, drawing on the world as a source of ideas. With the philosophy established of ‘no mistakes, only happy accidents’ and ‘every child is an artist’ students are encouraged to explore, express themselves and make mistakes. 

The program uses a content rich skills-based approach, which includes teaching about art history, art aesthetics, art criticism and learning about practical studio art practices.

Our Art Room Instagram page; @burrendah_primary_art is regularly updated with student work and art room news.  Connections have been made with local and international contemporary artists through this medium.

The aim of the Visual Arts program is:

  • To allow students to learn at their own pace, using the iSTAR Model.
  • For students to explore the Elements and Principles of Art through a variety of both traditional and contemporary skills, techniques and media.
  • To engage students in ‘life-long’ arts learning, through continual exploration of a broad range of arts repertoire.
  • To connect with Arts networks and community groups and keep abreast of current arts related issues and trends.

Our students are given opportunities to learn through a mix of visual enquiry, studio work, exhibitions and critical reflection. This occurs through:

  • The creation of a visual arts diary to allow students to document, experiment and practise their Arts Ideas.
  • The provision of a creative space for students to engage in a variety of 2D and 3D techniques and use of media.
  • Regular display opportunities in the Art Studio, School Hall, School Library and various other locations around the school.
  • The opportunity to create artworks for significant events within the school calendar.
  • Formally assessed Art Responses which are embedded within the arts curriculum.  Students are exposed to reflective strategies by way of gallery walks, constructive peer feedback and both verbal and written self reflection.
  • The collaboration with professional artists to gain insight into career paths and valuable experience in Arts in Society issues.


A highlight of the program is the participation in community arts events. These events not only give the opportunity for students to display their work, but also give a valuable insight into the processes involved in preparing for an exhibition. Community Arts events previously enjoyed by Burrendah PS students include:

  • Exhibition of student work at Southlands Boulevarde Shopping Centre alongside the artwork of students from Willetton SHS and Castlereagh School.
  • Involvement in the Therapy Focus Art Competition and Exhibition, with  2 finalists chosen to be exhibited at Perth Town Hall.
  • Participation in the ‘Global Artist Trading Card project’  with student work being exhibited at Stockland Riverton Shopping Centre, before being sent to an overseas buddy class.
  • Collaborative Work Shed Mosaic. 
  • The creation of handmade tiles which are displayed in our interactive playground.
  • Community Library – NAIDOC and Sculptural Sheep for WA Week
  • Melville City Sculpture Awards – students used recycled materials to create a sculpture of a swan which won an arts prize.
  • Yearly P&C Fundraiser event.