The Languages program at Burrendah provides students from Years 3-6 with exciting opportunities to sing, speak, write, and read in Italian through a variety of engaging activities in a stimulating and language-rich classroom.

Digital technologies are incorporated into most lessons, assisting students to develop their oral and written Italian language skills via engaging, hands-on tasks. An appreciation of Italian culture is developed through creative arts projects, incursions, cooking, and participation in competitions such as those run by the Western Australian Association of Teachers of Italian (WAATI) and the Italo-Australian Cultural Centre.

Students have fun and strive to build on their previous learning and develop their confidence in communicating in Italian. The language skills taught in Italian often ‘cross over’ and reinforce those taught in English, allowing meaningful connections between the two languages (and cultures) to be made.

Learning Italian not only allows students to communicate in another language, it also strengthens their understanding of language conventions and the process of communication. It shines a cultural spotlight upon Italy and, in doing so, assists in developing their understanding of their own culture, values, and identity. Through learning a language, children have an appreciation of diversity and difference, gaining a worldview of experiences and perspectives.

Burrendah students are able to continue their Italian studies at Willetton Senior High School.