Parents & Citizens Association

Parents & Citizens Association

The Parents & Citizens Association (P&C) is an organisation of the school community open to parents/caregivers, staff and interested members of the community. The P&C is dedicated to the promotion of the interests of the school through:

  • increased co-operation between parents/caregivers, teachers, students and members of the general community
  • assisting in the provision of resources, facilities and amenities for the school
  • the fostering of community interest in educational matters

These activities will lead to the improvement of the facilities and enhance the quality of learning that our children receive.


For up-to-date information on P&C news and events you can access the P&C web page by clicking on their logo below or by selecting the following address: 

Burrendah Primary is one of the premier primary schools in the state.  The school works to actively enhance the learning experience our children receive, through the hard work of the staff, who often go beyond what is expected of them to ensure that extracurricular activities take place, in addition to the normal curriculum learning of the school.  Volunteers (including the P&C) also play a vital role in the operation of the school.

The school has a broad multi-cultural community with over 40 languages other than English spoken by students. We enjoy a strong community and parental support network, all working together to ensure the children get the very best education available.

Burrendah’s P&C encourages community and parental involvement in a variety of aspects of the school, including assisting reading in class; operating the canteen; helping out on sports days and carnivals; being a part of the music support subcommittee; attending assemblies; fundraising; attending P&C meetings and nominating parents to work on the school board. 

The P&C also runs the canteen on Mondays which is very popular with the children.  We have adopted a healthy eating policy, following the guidelines set out by the Government and WACSSO (Western Australian Council of State School Organisations Inc.).  The school has a Crunch and Sip program that means we encourage healthy snacking and water consumption whilst learning. Burrendah Primary School P & C is a member of WACSSO. See more information about WACSSO at the link below.


We ask parents to make a voluntary contribution per child to enable us to carry out our activities. We have also received donations from parents, and are happy to discuss how individuals can make a contribution that impact positively upon their child’s education.

The P&C, through its fundraising efforts in 2018, has provided substantial funding toward a roofing extension in the Under Cover Area, gold card book vouchers, school honour board, canteen equipment, an outdoor umbrella for ECE shade and resources to support an art exhibition.

Parent Workshops hosted by Urstong and subsidised by the P & C were held early in the year. This parent/child workshop provided practical ways of enhancing social-emotional wellbeing of children through friendship skills. See more information about this program at

The P&C has raised thousands of dollars for the school over the years through fundraisers such as a variety of quiz nights, sausage sizzles, lapathons, bush dances, school fairs and special events including Mother’s and Father’s Day stalls. Hosting these events is only possible with the active participation of the parent body of the school.

We extend a warm welcome to you, and invite you to get involved in the Parent and Citizens community for our school!

We are confident that your children will have a fantastic time at Burrendah and hope you can get involved with us to enhance their scholastic experience.