School Board

School Board

Burrendah Primary School has had a School Board since it became an Independent Public School at the end of 2012. The Board works with the principal and the school to ensure the best outcomes for all students. It’s the job of the Board to oversee and support decisions made by the school to deliver on the strategic areas of focus and to achieve the targets set out in the school’s Business Plan. Alongside teachers and the principal, the School Board helped to create Burrendah Primary School’s Vision and Business Plan.

The School Board has elected teacher representatives, parent representatives, and members from the wider community who share the school’s commitment to education, but do not otherwise have family members at the school. The Board meets twice each term.

At each meeting, the Board reviews the school’s finances to ensure that the school is on operating within the budget. Each meeting features a key target area from the school Business Plan. This ensures that all members of the Board understand how each area is managed so that the school and all of its students are on track to achieve targets that have been set in the Plan. At the end of the year, the Board endorses the school’s budget and plans for staffing and class structure.

Current Members of Burrendah Primary School Board are:

Jane Barker - Chair

Jannine Kinninment - Principal

Parent and staff representatives as per below:

Harjit Singh - Community Member

Tim Stanton-Cook - Parent Member

Velayutham Ramasamy - Parent Member

Grant Gernhoefer - Parent Member

Brad Warburton - Parent Member

Sue Horoch, Deputy Principal - Staff Member

Meghan Griffiths, Teacher - Staff Member

Alaina Downing, Teacher - Staff Member