Due to the demand for enrolment at Burrendah Primary School, enrolment is limited to students who live within our ‘local intake area’. Students who reside within our local intake area automatically gain a place at Burrendah Primary School. Please refer to the map showing school boundaries.

There is an appeals process and a copy of the appeals form is included.

When lodging an application for enrolment, the following original documentation must be provided and copies will be taken and attached to the Application for Enrolment at Burrendah Primary School:

  • Proof of ownership of the property by the parent/s where the student will reside is to be provided.  This may be a recent rates notice from the local council. 
  •  Where the family is in a rental property, a copy of the tenancy agreement, with a twelve (12) month minimum duration from the time the enrolment commences would be required. Please note:
    • If the rental agreement is a private arrangement then a Statutory Declaration authorised by a Justice of the Peace will be needed to verify the place of residence.
    • The renting of a room in a property is not acceptable for enrolment unless the owner of the property has official approval from the City of Canning to use the property for this purpose.
  • A further two (2) pieces of evidence as proof of residence within our local intake area is required. One of these must be a utilities account or connection notice (ie, electricity or gas account) the other can be a current driving licence, a non-mobile telephone account, a current bank statement showing address, contents insurance or removalist documents.
  • If born in Australia, a copy of the child’s birth certificate is required.
  •  If not born in Australia, but is an Australian Citizen, a copy of the Citizenship Certificate or Australian passport must be supplied.
  •  If born overseas, a copy of the passport photo page, visa page and most recent entry date into Australia page are required of both the student and the parents (original to be sighted).
  •  If applicable, a copy of any current Family Court orders (original to be sighted).
  • Provision of Immunisation History Statement showing a status of ‘up to date’ and dated within two months of enrolment at enrolment is a requirement of the Department of Education. Parents of students vaccinated in Australia must provide an Immunisation History Statement these can be requested by telephoning ACIR on 1800 653 809 or emailing acir@humanservices.gov.au . For those who have been vaccinated over sea’s will need to organise to get an Immunisation History Statement through a medical practitioner.

Out of Local Area Application

Each year, our school will consider out of local area (formerly cross-boundary) applications.  Out of local area, admission will only occur if there are places available.  The outcome of this consideration will be advised in writing.

Enrolment at Willetton Senior High School

Willetton Senior High School will only enrol students who at the time of enrolment at Willetton Senior High School live within their intake area. Attendance at Burrendah will not be sufficient to guarantee enrolment at Willetton Senior High School.