PEAC is the Primary Extension and Challenge program which provides specialised learning extension for gifted and talented students in Years 5 and 6. The program offers a range of courses that provide the most able students with opportunities for extension and enrichment work that is intellectually challenging. These special courses are run off-site during regular school hours. Most courses run out of the PEAC Centre at Bull Creek Primary School, while some specialist courses are held in a variety of community and educational settings. Please note that it is the parents' responsibility to get their children to and from the designated centre. The courses usually run for two hours a week. Students must be organised and have good time management skills, as it is their responsibility to ensure that they catch up on all class work missed during their attendance at PEAC.

The PEAC courses are for exceptionally able students who are identified in the testing process that takes place in Year 4. Two tests are administered. The first measures broad language and reasoning abilities and is made up of the following components: verbal comprehension, mathematical problem solving and verbal analysis and reasoning. The second test measures students’ ability to see relationships and solve problems. The scores from the test will be used in the selection of students for the PEAC courses and other extension programs. Students who are new to Western Australia, or who miss the original testing date, will be provided with a catch-up test date.

For further information, please contact Phil Bradshaw (Associate Principal).

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