Health & Physical Education

Health & Physical Education

At Burrendah Primary School our physical education program is an integral component of our whole school approach in developing physically and mentally healthy students. Programs run by specialist teachers are supported by daily fitness sessions and a variety of events that allow students to engage in both school and interschool carnivals.

Junior Program – Years PP to Year 3

Our junior physical education teacher provides opportunities for students to develop and become proficient in fundamental movement skills through participating in specific skill play stations and small sided games.

During Term 3, students in Pre-Primary, Year 1 and 2 have an opportunity to put their skills into action during our Junior Athletic Carnival. Students, participating in their factions, take part in tabloid and novelty events, ball games and a running race.

The junior students also have the opportunity to engage in many of the whole school events and competitions.

Senior Program – Years 4 to 6

Our senior specialist physical education program forms part of the Health and Physical Education curriculum and focuses on the Movement and Physical Activity strands.

The Year 4 and 5 curriculum builds on students’ knowledge, understanding and skills in relation to their health, wellbeing, safety and participation in physical activity. Students develop a greater proficiency across a range of fundamental movement skills, minor games and sports. Opportunities are provided for students to develop a range of personal and social skills through movement, such as leadership, communication, collaboration, problem solving, persistence and decision making.

The students in Year 6 further develop a wide range of fundamental movement skills in more complex movement patterns and situations. They apply their understanding of movement strategies and concepts when participating in games and sport at a school and interschool level. They learn to apply rules fairly and behave ethically when participating in a range of physical activities. Students learn to effectively communicate and problem solve in teams in movement settings.

Events and Competitions

Swimming Program (Yr 1-6) and School Faction Swimming Carnival (Yr 4-6)

Interschool Summer & Winter Carnivals (Yr 5&6)

Eagle’s Cup

Athletics Carnival


Several classes collaborate with Willetton Senior High School Year 12 Physical Education Studies students in a skills coaching module.

All students from PP to Year 6 participate in a nine lesson dance program culminating in a community performance.

As well as providing our students with opportunities to perform and enhance their skills in a series of events, interschool competition allows them to develop a sense of school pride. The events are often supported by community organisations and offer links for our students to increase their participation in physical activity at school, outside school and in the future.


Sporting Schools Program

The Sporting Schools Program encourages students to increase their physical activity levels and improve physical skills. It provides opportunities for students in Years 1-6 to participate in free sport and other structured physical activity, in a fun, safe and inclusive environment.