Contributions and Charges

Contributions and Charges

Every year, parents support our school in many important ways.  One very important part of that support is the payment of the annual voluntary school and P&C contributions.  Voluntary contributions allow the school to resource existing programs and initiate new programs.  With the growth in student numbers in recent years, the demands on our resources have been great, as we have endeavoured to provide the additional resources required to cater for these growing numbers.                                            


Voluntary Contributions 2023 are as follows:


$60 per child - thank you to all Kindy parents who have paid this on enrolment.  Plus $35 P&C Contribution.

Pre Primary - Year Six

$60.00 per child plus $35 P&C Contributions = $95.00


 2024 Contributions and Charges Sheet (as ratified by the 2023 School Board)