Public School Review

Public School Review


All Western Australian public schools are reviewed by the Department of Education’s Public School Accountability directorate. A review gives assurance to the local community, the Minister for Education and Training and the Director General about the performance of public schools in delivering high quality education to students. The review acknowledges the achievements of the school and gives feedback to support the Principal and staff with their improvement planning. Initially conducted on a three-year cycle, subsequent reviews are determined to occur on a one, three or five year timeframe. The Principal provides the review team with a self-assessment of the school’s performance based on evidence from the school. Information to be validated by the review team is considered before and during the school visit. This forms the basis for the Public School Review report and determines when the next review will occur. The report is provided to the Principal and the regional Director of Education.


Expectations of Schools

The Statement of Expectation (the Statement) makes clear and public the expectations and responsibilities of schools and the Department of Education (the Department) in student achievement and progress. The Statement is between; the Department, represented by the Director General; the school, represented by the Principal; and is noted by the school council/board, represented by the Chair. The Statement sets out the expectations of Principals in relation to the delivery of the 2020-2024 strategic directions to Every student, every classroom, every day, and Building on Strength. The Statement will underpin each school’s strategic planning and self-assessment and will form part of the school’s Public School Review, as well as the Professional Performance Review of the Principal.


Public School Review - The Standard

A Standard has been developed across the domains of the School Improvement and Accountability Framework to describe essential indicators of performance. The selection of the indicators is based on literature research and historical reviews of school performance in Western Australian public schools. The purpose is to better ensure that judgements about student performance are standardised and objective. Indicators describe what is evident in schools functioning ‘as expected’ within each domain. The Standard defines the expected level of school performance. Judgements are made in relation to the Standard. External validation is also based on the evidence presented relating to the Standard.


Endorsement Based on the 2023 Report

Commendations and recommendations were made by the review team regarding Burrendah Primary School’s performance. The timeframe for the next review process focusing on the Teaching quality domain only will be Term 1, 2024. A full Public School Review, inclusive of all domains, will be scheduled for Term 1, 2026 ( based on the validation of the Standard in the 2024 Teaching quality domain). A copy of the 2023 Review is available by clicking on the link.


 2023 Public School Review 

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