Independent Public Schools

Independent Public Schools

Burrendah Primary School became an Independent Public School in 2013. As a result of being an Independent Public School we have had increased autonomy and flexibility allowing us to better meet the needs of our unique school community. We are currently developing our 2022-2024 Business Plan. This plan will be finalised by the end of this year due to the impact on Covid with planning in large groups. Below are the areas of focus developed to date.

Mental Health & Wellbeing

Our aim is to be a safe, supportive and inclusive community. Providing programs and opportunities to improve a student’s sense of belonging and their skills in understanding themselves and others, managing relationships and problem solving. Staff will be supported with their own mental health and wellbeing.

High Impact Teaching Strategies (HITS)

Teachers will begin to implement High Impact Teaching Strategies (HITS) that research has shown to have the greatest impact on improving student’s outcomes. This will involve professional learning based on need and collaborative support from peers. high-impact-teaching-strategies.pdf (

Deep Learning, Gifted & Talent Students & Curriculum Differentiation

As a school we aim to engage our students as life-long learners and prepare them for the future work force. To achieve this vision, our intention is to focus on the pedagogical practice of deep learning, provide greater opportunities for gifted and talent students and accommodated individual learning needs through curriculum differentiation.

Deep learning endeavours to engage students in authentic learning which relates to the real world. This approach embraces entrepreneurship, creativity and problem solving as opposed to just acquiring knowledge. To achieve this within the classroom environment, educationalist have highlighted the need to structure learning around the six global competencies of collaboration, communication, creativity, critical thinking, character and citizenship to flourish in a complex and ever changing world.

The Gifted and Talent program will be expanded through the early identification and additional pathways so students reach their true potential and maintain engagement.

Through curriculum differentiation we will continue to tailor our educational programs to meet the wide and varied learning needs of our students. This is an acknowledgement that our students are individuals and learn at their own rate and in their own way. This will also be address through a focus on six global competencies which cultivate a culture of student agency (student voice) and engage students in deep learning (in authentic /real ways).

Mathematics – Problem Solving

Problem solving is a focus area which involves teachers posing challenging tasks and encouraging students to take risks in their learning, to justify their thinking, to make decisions, and to work with other students.

Aboriginal Cultural Standards

In the 2022 – 24 Business Plan we aim to embed The Aboriginal Cultural Standards Framework into teaching and learning programmes, ensuring students have the opportunity to experience Aboriginal culture and perspective across the curriculum.

Oral Language Program

Burrendah Primary School engages young learners in an intense and explicit synthetic phonics program that fosters oral language development. We move strategically through the program building on prior knowledge that develops and enhances our young learners’ awareness of sounds orally, thus developing lifelong language and literacy skills.

ICT Capabilities

With the introduction of iPads as our sole device, the school will provide ongoing professional learning and collegiate support for teachers to develop their confidence in the effective use of digital technologies in the classroom and for remote learning. This will in turn have a direct impact on student’s ICT capabilities and ability to use iPads to enhance their own learning.

Families and Community

Re-engage the school community after the Covid 19 pandemic. Support the school community in remote learning where required. Increase communication between families and the school using online platforms such as Connect and responding to community feedback. Continue to strengthen community partnerships.

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